When war and violence have destroyed trust between people in a society, the first aim is to restore confidence and dialogue between them. Giving insight into the mechanisms and actors of this process is a recurrent theme in True Heroes Films.

A few examples of projects we did


One of the most horrible human rights violations is torture.
True Heroes Films collaborates with partners such as the UN and major NGOs like OMCT and APT. The films and projects we do are not only meant to give insight into the torture phenomenon but also to document resources for the prevention and treatment.

A few examples of projects we did



October 2018. The second Human Rights Defenders World Summit took place in Paris. On 18 December the action plan is presented to the United Nations General Assembly. It contains a concrete set of measures and calls for a lasting commitment from States to protect human rights defenders and create a more favourable environment for their work. Watch the video True Heroes Films produced on the Human Rights Defenders and the importance of the Summit.


Besides training and filming human rights defenders in the field we also collaborate with THE Port , GluoNNet and CERN to innovate and find technical solutions for humanitarian issues and human rights work. We take part in the Hackathons with outreach support and visualisation of solutions to bring it back to the people who need it. We share our knowledge of the daily practise of human rights advocacy in the field.

A few examples of projects we did


Cartoons have the power to illuminate serious issues in striking images. Cartooning for Peace raises awareness about important issues through humour and press cartoons. True Heroes Films supports their work with producing the films.

A few examples of projects we did


The protective and supportive potential of international recognition - such as awards - is confirmed again and again in the global human rights movement. THF supports award ceremonies with not only filmed portraits of Human Rights Defenders, but also live multi-camera broadcast, graphics and divers audio-visual promotion.

We created a database of all existing international awards ,and are working on a database of
laureates. Please visit the "Digest" and take the opportunity to give outstanding human rights defenders the recognition and protection they deserve.

A few examples of projects we did